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‘ I can only say it’s a brilliant book. I would recommend… to anyone who wants a perfect read.’ (April ‘15)        More

Rose Tyrrell, Church Action Poverty

‘A fantastic story. I couldn’t put it down, very exciting’

Anne O’Connor, Justice & Peace Commission

‘A vivid parable of false riches and ultimate redemption. This sparklingly well-written fiction entertains unerringly at the front door while the truth slips in at the window.’

Adrian Plass

David R review.pdf

‘Fresh, witty, fabulously economical and with acute and wise observations. I just wanted to read on

and on.’

Janet Morley

 ‘Very unusual. Mysteriously Christian. Just the sort of thing Alpha and the rest of us could do with.’


Professor Haddon Willmer

‘I’m really enjoying Finding Mr Goldman. It’s a cracking read - so get a copy!’                                      

Alex Jones, Christian Aid

A really beautiful book. It makes me hope there is life after death!

Dr Helen Reid, Director of Leeds Church Institute